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Regional Conference about the death penalty,18-20 October 2012 Rabat

Rabat 2012

Regional Congress on the death penalty held in Rabat, Morocco 18-20 October 2012.

Experts, politicians, diplomats and activists from around the world gathered in Rabat for a major conference on capital punishment.  The conference took place at a time when the international trend away from the death penalty continues to gather momentum.

The Regional Congress was organized by the NGO Together against the Death Penalty (Ensemble contre la peine de mort),  in partnership with the Moroccan Organisation for Human Rights and the International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute and in association with the Moroccan Coalition against the Death Penalty.

In the Plenary Session on the influence of international Law in the region,  ICDP Commissioner Mr. Mohammed Bedjaoui spoke against capital punishment and about his time as Foreign Minister when Algeria cosponsored the UN resolution calling for a moratorium on the use of the death penalty.

During the two day conference there were workshops on a broad range of subjects including: religion and the death penalty, the death penalty in Moroccan law, strategies for abolition, and the UN General Assembly resolution calling for a moratorium on executions. Please click here for ICDP Opinion Piece published after the Rabat Congress.

The Rabat Congress will be followed up by the World Congress against the Death Penalty which will take place in Madrid in June 2013.

Please click here to view the ICDP opinion piece

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