Member of the ICDP Kuçuradi on the “Right to Life” at the Afro-Asian Philosophy Association Conference 2010

On 20-23 October 2010, the Afro-Asian Philosophy Association Conference 2010 took place in Mumbai. The event was held under the theme “Moulding Individual and Corporate Life towards Social Solidarity and Progress”, reflecting its thought that philosophy should not be limited to academic or philosophy-centric organizations only, but it must be pervaded into the entire framework of society, institutional or personal.

In her intervention, the Turkish member of the ICDP, Prof. Ioanna Kuçuradi, focused on the right to life philosophically. Among the several issues debated in connection with the right to life (organ transplantation, abortion, euthanasia, “personal security), she especially stressed the incompatibility of the “right to life” and the death penalty, which is, sadly, still applied in many Asian and African countries. She urged philosophers and academics in general to find the ways to act for abolishing the death penalty in those countries. In this perspective, Prof. Kuçuradi informed about the recent establishment of the ICDP and spoke about its objectives and future work.

To read the complete intervention by Ioanna Kuçuradi please click here.

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